I teach 8th grade social studies. I use Abre Apps throughout my day for learning and school management.

From lesson planning to licensure renewal, Abre makes me more efficient and saves me time. And I focus on what matters.


Start the Day

Begin the Day with Lesson Planning

I start with the planning process.

I open the Curriculum App, navigate to the proper unit, and open a model lesson created by a fellow Social Studies teacher. With a few tweaks, I use this lesson for my students today.

Abre’s Curriculum App is a living curriculum map and features standards, resources, assessments, and lessons.

It is easy to setup curriculum in Abre and it saves me time so I can focus on my students.

Model lessons are easy to build using multi-media.
The Curriculum App makes it simple to build and manage quality lessons.

Understand My Students

Broad student data is critical to solid learning management

Before differentiating my instruction, I need to gauge student performance

NWEA MAP scores for my students dropped last night. I am able to study the results for my class and group students based on the results using Abre’s Students App.

The Students App gives a comprehensive view of my classes and simplifies learning management.

Abre puts student data a couple clicks away. Saves time.

Focus. Learn with Fewer Distractions

During Guided Practice, my students complete a close reading of John Smith’s account of his voyage to Jamestown. After the reading, they participate in an online discussion using Google Classroom.

My students use Abre’s Focus App during the activities. Focus allows me to curate the websites for my students. My students can only visit those websites and can’t wander the corners of the internet.

Abre saves me time setting up digital classwork.  I can focus more on my students instead of anchored to my laptop monitoring students.

The Focus app makes it easy to provide distraction free lessons and assessments
The Focus app makes it easy to provide distraction free lessons and assessments

Behavior. Understanding the Full Picture for Classroom Management

The Behavior app makes it simple to track positive behavior supports, office referrals, and general notes on what works for my students.

Classroom management sometimes requires documentation and data. Throughout my day I use Abre’s Behavior App to track positive behavior supports, office referrals, and general notes on what works for my students.

The Behavior App features workflows that notify parents and administrators. It provides quick access to a student view that gives more context for my student. With one click I can see academic performance, education plans, and contact information.

Abre is not just learning management.  It also helps me with the day-to-day activities for managing a classroom.

An efficient workflow assures that positive behavior is recognized and conduct incidences are dealt with appropriately.

Deliver a Quick Formative Assessment to Guide Instruction

Formative Instruction Practices shape the direction of instruction in my classroom. Near the end of class, I deliver a short formative assessment to my students using Abre’s Assessment App.

The Assessment App ties into a large test bank of questions. As a teacher, I can quickly search for questions by standard, type, grade level, depth of knowledge, Bloom’s taxonomy, and more.

After I create the short formative assessment, I push it to my Google Classroom. Or, if I’m more security minded, I create a Focus lesson for the assessment.

An important part of learning management is assuring my students are understanding topics.  Assessments are an important part of making sure students are on track.

Assessments are an important part of learning management. Abre simplifies assessments.
Abre simplifies building, giving and grading a formative or summative assessment.

Differentiate Based on the Formative Assessment

Create and manage curriculum for your course including pacing guides. Abre makes it simple to manage curriculum.

Based on the results from the formative assessment, I open the Curriculum App to view resources for differentiation.

For tomorrow’s lesson, I will assign different resources to different groups of students.

Abre makes learning management easy.

Managing all a school's curriculum in one place makes teachers more efficient and saves time to focus on students.

End the Day with Professional Growth

I end my day with an opportunity for professional growth. My team decided to participate in a course that focuses on goal setting. Using the Learn App, we participate in discussions, work through material, and reflect on best practices.

Abre’s Learn App is gamified, tracks growth over time, and is used to track continuing education for licensure renewal.

Abre allows me to focus on growth that works for me and saves me time doing it.

Professional growth is an important part of being a teacher. Abre's Learn app simplifies delivering and taking professional growth courses.
Track Professional Growth

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