My high school is a 1:1 school. We all use Chromebooks in our daily instruction.

From reading As You Like It to using single sign-on to even being able to design my own web apps, Abre allows me to focus on what matters.


Start the Day

1. Begin the day with the student news desk!

I start the day with a welcome.

When I turn on my Chromebook, I’m greeted with the latest episode of our student hosted news show called “Bigblue News”. After watching the episode, I vote for the sport’s player of the week.

My teachers use Abre’s Headline Feature to push out target messages. In addition to Headlines, I also receive Announcements from my building administrators. Announcements allow me to read the news and favor content.

Communication Reading

2. Shortcuts. Simple 3rd party apps with Single Sign-On.

Student Shortcuts

After voting, I jump into the Abre experience. My landing page features announcements and Widgets. I personalize both!

Widgets are windows into apps. I get quick updates from teachers about Google Classroom assignments, or see my email, or see what Drive files I recently used.

I use Abre’s Shortcuts Dock. The dock contains all the 3rd party shortcuts I use for my school. Best of all, many of the shortcuts don’t require me to login and give me access to materials right away. For example, when I click on “Pearson”, I’m automatically logged into my Pearson textbook.

Personal Shortcut

3. Reading novels and publications with Abre’s Publications App.

My ELA teacher coached us to pick a Shakespear play. I decided on the comedy “As You Like It”. Using Abre’s Publications App, I add the book to my library.

The Publications App allows me to download and read novels offline or online. My teachers upload books and even create their own publications! For example, our student handbook is hosted in the Publications App and is assigned to everyone, including my parents.

Read Online or Off

4. Focus. Learn with fewer distractions

During history class, we complete a close reading of John Smith’s account of his voyage to Jamestown. After the reading, we participate in an online discussion using Google Classroom.

We use Abre’s Focus App during the activities. Focus allows my teacher to curate websites for us. We only visit those websites and don’t wander the corners of the internet. This keeps us focused on the tasks on hand.

Chrome App Split Screen
Focus Chrome App

5. Take a quick quiz to guide instruction.

Near the end of class, my teacher delivers a short quiz to us using Abre’s Assessment App.

The Assessment App ties into a large test bank of questions. My teacher can quickly search for questions by standard and grade level.

We take the quiz in Google Classroom. Or, if my teacher is more security minded, they create a Focus lesson for the quiz.

Technology Enhanced Questions
Auto Graded Questions

6. Best of all, Abre App-a-thons.

Because Abre is open-source, the code is available for anyone to use. This means I can bring my own ideas to the Abre platform.

Abre app-a-thons are hosted events where we students define problems and developer our own Abre apps as the solution.

You don’t need to be a coder to participate in app-a-thons. You can be any student with an idea on how to make school work better.

Mood App. One of the first Abre Apps created by a student.

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