Leading a school takes focus, empathy, and knowledge. My day is filled with constant excitement.

From leading staff development to working with parents on their student’s education plan, Abre helps simplify my workflows so that I can focus on what matters.

Growing students.

Start the Day

Begin the Day with Communication

I start my day communicating with the staff.

Also, it’s Monday and I want to send a bit of humor to my building. Using Abre’s Headline Feature, I push out a targeted message and form to my teachers.

People are greeted with Headlines when they login to Abre. Sometimes headlines require an action (for example, signing off on an Acceptable Use Policy). This is helpful when I need to gather critical information from my staff, or students, or parents.

In addition to Headlines, I also push out Announcements to my building. Announcements encourage recipients to read news, favorite content, and have discussions.

Announcements allow you to easily communicate with staff, students and parents.
Headlines are a great way to communicate with staff, students and parents.

Data. Understand My Students and My Building

The Students app puts a wide range of student data a few clicks away.

To help grow students and staff in my building, I need to understand student performance.

Abre’s Students App gives a comprehensive view of individual students and a collective view of groups performance in my building. This morning I run a custom report to see correlations between student performance on a state ELA assessment and their quarterly assessments. I use the report in team meetings throughout the day.

Easy to Understand

Education Plans. Serving the Needs of Students

After my data meetings, I conference with Daisy’s education team. We complete a 504 plan and obtain input and agreement from her parents.

Abre’s Plans App can be used for any education plan. Staff members can create a form, designate the form an education plan, and track the plan to the student’s profile. Plans are customizable and used in many situations such as RTI (response to intervention), IEPs, and more.

Plans Connected to Data
Easy to Create

Behavior. Understanding the Full Picture for School Management

The Behavior app allows me to efficiently manage office referrals and to track and celebrate positive student behavior.

Classroom management sometimes requires documentation and data. Throughout my day I use Abre’s Behavior App to track positive behavior supports, office referrals, and general notes on what works for students.

The Behavior App features workflows that notify parents, teachers, and administrators. It provides quick access to a student view that gives more context to my student. With one click I can see academic performance, education plans, and contact information.

I have the ability to run reports and see trends. Data is then synced back to the Student Information System and, if required, synced to the state.

Behavior Tracking

Curriculum Mapping with Department Chairs

Based on district-wide assessment data and the availability of new resources, the English department creates updates to their curriculum map and pacing guide. The department chairs and I make these changes in Abre’s Curriculum App.

Abre’s Curriculum App is a living curriculum map and features standards, resources, assessments, and lessons.

The Curriculum app allows for an easy way to create and manage curriculum.
Color Coded Curriculum

Hiring New Teachers

The Directory app lets you store, manage and report on staff information.

One of my staff members is on maternity leave. Having found an excellent long term substitute teacher, I add them to the Directory App.

The Directory App serves many functions. At its core, it shares basic contact information with stakeholders. For Human Resources, the app holds detailed information about staff like licensure, salary schedules, discipline reports, and profiles. Human Resources can run reports to view staffing trends.

Track Employee Information

End the Day with Professional Growth

I end my day with an opportunity for leading a team in professional growth. My staff participates in a course that focuses on goal setting. Using the Learn App, we participate in discussions, work through the material, and reflect on best practices.

Abre’s Learn App is gamified, tracks growth over time, and is used to track continuing education for licensure renewal.

Create Courses
Track Professional Growth

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