Abre is an open-platform that hosts education apps. Technology should make life easier. Abre does.

Abre works really well with the Google and Microsoft ecosystems. Indeed, it’s critical to support the 1:1 Chromebook initiative in numerous districts. Abre is free and opensource. Created by educators and edTechs who believe in the power of exploration and tinkering.

Because Abre is open-source, students can download the platform and build apps that serve their schools. This presentation covers how Appathons are hosted, run, and produced. By the end of the session, attendees will learn how they could host an Appathon in their district and leverage the capacities of their own students.


Outline of the Presentation

Areas of Focus

This presentation will focus on how students can create apps to support their district.


All audiences

Skill Level:

All levels


  1. Demonstrate the Abre platform and key Abre Apps.
  2. Demonstrate how Abre supports 1:1 initiatives in school. This includes Google Apps management, secure browser, inventory management, and help desk tickets.
  3. Provide the framework of hosting an Appathon
  4. Examine previous Appathons in Ohio