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What is Social Emotional Learning? 
The Importance of SEL 
10 Steps to Implementing an SEL Program

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SEL is just the tip of the iceberg. True student well-being is so much more.

Increase academic engagement

Increase fundamental social skills

Decrease problem behaviors

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The best evidence-based, unbiased student well-being solution.


Abre + SSIS

Surveys for various use cases – student voice, school climate, staff voice, and family engagement

Evidence-based assessments for single use case – student well-being and mental health

Multi-informant (student, staff advisor, and family advisor) measures

Published research-backed, professional journal peer reviewed evidence of impact

100% true CASEL alignment

Validated competency referenced framework to facilitate communication of results to all stakeholders (students, families, staff, and partners)

Class and home intervention materials with CASEL SELect Program recognition

Student360™ dashboard integrating all academic and non-academic data for whole child support accessible by all stakeholders (students, families, staff, and partners)

Immediate access to school and community resources for student early intervention, case management, automated workflows, and notifications

Static dashboards for standard educational frameworks (e.g. RTI, MTSS, PBIS, etc.)

Flexible dashboards for both standard educational frameworks and custom frameworks (e.g. Whole Child, Student Success, Wellbeing, etc.)

Pre-K through 12th Grade

Evidence-backed assessments

SSIS CoLab’s Classroom Intervention Program (CIP) & online assessments are peer-reviewed and published in leading academic journals—now embedded in Abre’s Student Well-being solution.

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