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What is Social Emotional Learning? 
The Importance of SEL 
10 Steps to Implementing an SEL Program

What's Inside

SSIS CoLab was developed with a core design imperative of the Fair and Unbiased Assessment of All Students. With an evidence-backed approach, the assessments and interventions of this program are guaranteed to be fair and able to be used with racially/ethnically diverse groups of students in US schools.

One Dashboard. One Complete Picture. 
All Stakeholders.

Abre's Student360™ gives teachers, families, administrators, and partners access to the info they need to support the whole child.

Evidence-based assessments for single use case—student well-being & mental health

Published, research-based, professional journal peer-reviewed evidence of impact

Validated competency referenced framework to communicate results to all stakeholders

Student360™ dashboard integrating all academic and non-academic data for whole child support accessible by all stakeholders

Flexible dashboards for both standard educational frameworks and custom frameworks (e.g. Whole Child, Student Success, Well-being, etc.)

Start supporting the whole child.

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Research-backed assessments.

Assess 30 critical social skills and how they evolve over time with evidence-based assessments.

Easy-to-implement intervention strategies.

A powerful 6-step instructional process and supplemental resources help instructors effectively teach the skills identified in assessments.

Data-driven action.

Individualized reporting helps you identify proactive measures and interventions you can take today to better support the whole child.

Intentional student relationships.

Empower stakeholders beyond teachers to support the whole child by aligning students with a Student Wellness Advisor in Abre.

Multi-informant (student, teacher, parent) measures

100% true CASEL alignment

Class and home intervention materials with CASEL SELect Program recognition

Immediate access to school and community resources for student early intervention, case management, automated workflows, and notifications

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Interested in seeing the evidence behind our evidence-backed assessments? Get the full report on the fair, unbiased research that has been published in 8 peer-reviewed academic journals.

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