Community Edition Setup

Community Edition Setup2018-04-18T13:34:46+00:00


  1. Setup a web server (LAMP) – We suggest PHP 7 and MySQL 5.5
  2. Download the latest version of Abre from
  3. Extract code and place in public html folder.
  4. Launch the public html folder in your web browser and complete the installation.

Creating a Google Console Project

  1. In order to sign into Abre you will need to create a Google Console Project.
  2. Once the project is created, add the following API’s:
    1. Analytics API
    2. Gmail API
    3. Google Calendar API
    4. Google Classroom API
    5. Google Drive API
    6. Google Picker API
    7. Google+ API
  3. Add a API key and OAuth client ID
  4. For the Google OAuth client ID at the following:
    1. Authorized JavaScript origins –
    2. Authorized redirect URIs –