Reaching all the Eyes

Districts thrive on communication. Yet the constant stream of communication can become like drinking from a firehose. Our parents and our community desire simplicity in their communications.

This presentation follows how Hamilton City School District uses Abre to effectively and simply communicate with their stakeholders.

Start the Day

1. Begin the day with a greeting from the Superintendent.

The evening starts with a cold-day welcome.

When a parent logs in to Abre, they’re greeted with an announcement from the superintendent. School is canceled for tomorrow. After watching the greeting, he kindly asks that if anyone would like to volunteer for the 8th grade dance, please sign up below.

Staff and administrators use Abre’s Headline Feature to push out target messages. In addition to Headlines, parents also receive Announcements from building administrators. Announcements allow them to read the news and favorite content.

Parent Headline
Parent Headline

2. Shortcuts. No more 100s of usernames and passwords!


After signups, parents jump into the Abre experience. The landing page features announcements and Widgets. Parents personalize both.

Parents use Abre’s Shortcuts Dock. The dock contains all the 3rd party shortcuts they use with school. Best of all, many of the shortcuts don’t require a separate login and give access to materials right away.

Logging into Abre is simple. A parent decides between three types of accounts: Google, Microsoft, or Facebook.


3. Understanding my Child.

My Students

With Abre, parents add all their students to their profile. Using the Students App, they have a 365-degree view of my child.

For example, they can see attendance, state assessments, behavior, forms they’ve completed for the district, and various education plans.

All with one click.

Parent Adding Student

4. Publications and Forms to Simplify Life.

The district hosts a number of Publications in the Abre Publications App. Not only do parents have access to some of the textbooks their children use, but they also can view publications such as the Student Handbook and the Acceptable Use Policy.

A Forms App allows a parent to complete district forms online.

Forms Signoff
Parent Publications