Abre Platform Product Roadmap

What we’ve done and where we are taking the Abre Platform.

Current Work in Progress

Behavior App

  • Improved Behavior App admin filters for viewing data.
  • Adding realtime graphs/charts for commonly requested behavior information.
  • Viewing historical behavior data.
  • Direct linking to specific incidents (improved notification emails)

Work Starting in the near Future

Abre Hub

  • Support for Trimesters/Quarters (Data Imports)
  • Support for renaming of courses (Alias)

Recent Completed Work

Forms & Plans App Customer Requests

  • Improving Forms Builder UI/UX to provide a sticky menu.
  • Added a report to show staff, students, or parents who have and have not completed a form.
  • Add “Save Draft” Functionality when filling out a form. This will be available to the user if the form owner allows this behavior.
  • Ability to print out a completed form (PDF Render and Print).

People App

  • Release People App (Improved Directory App) to beta testing schools.

Partners App

  • Release Partners App to beta testing schools.

Class App

  • Work with beta testing schools to refine Class App.

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