Service Level Agreement

Software Technical Support and Availability:

Priority Impact First Response

(7am – 5pm EST)


(7am – 5pm EST)

1 Critical Service outage or a major application problem making it impossible to use the software. 1 Hour 3 Hours
2 Major A large number of customers are impacted and no workaround exists. 4 Hours 10 Hours
3 Ordinary Impact on a small number of customers or impact on a large number of customers, but a workaround exists. 4 Hours 30 Hours
4 Low No impact on customers; typically takes the form of an enhancement to the software or a request for a new feature. 8 Hours No guaranteed resolution time. Enhancement and feature requests are evaluated on an individual basis. Please post your ideas at’s goal is to provide a high quality, stable and secure environment for managing critical functions for your school and the sensitive information utilized and derived by our platform and network of applications. At Abre our goal is to provide 99.9% uptime to software.

The Customer understands and acknowledges that occasional temporary interruptions of any Internet services may occur as normal events in the provision of Internet services. The Customer further understands and acknowledges that access to the Abre Software is being provided by a third party hosting provider and under no circumstances will Abre be held liable for any financial or other damage due to interruptions outside of the control of Abre.

On rare occasions may conduct a scheduled pause of services in order to perform system maintenance. will provide 72 hour notice to customers of any scheduled downtime.