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What initiatives are working to improve student success? Which teachers are having the greatest impact on academic achievement? Get started with Abre and finally get the answers you need to better support your learning community.

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starting at $3/student

How does Abre pricing work?

Abre licenses are priced by student per year. Abre offers different solutions that are tailored to your school or district’s needs.

How much does Abre cost per user?

Investment in moving your data from analysis to action starts at $5/student per year, but depends on a number of factors, including number of students and term length. Reach out to us to get a customized quote today!

Do integrations cost extra?

Abre integrates with many learning tools. We also defragment your data silos by centralizing everything in one place.

Why K-12 leaders choose Abre

  • At Cincinnati Public Schools we focus on serving the Whole Child, and Abre has allowed us to see the whole picture: what that student is doing with their grades, their attendance — even in their behavioral marks.

    Casey Fisher | Cincinnati Public Schools

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