Most technology directors will tell you that usernames and passwords are a headache. We all experienced an Hallelujah Moment when Single Sign On finally took hold in education companies. One username and one password to join the learning world helps kids grow.

Managing usernames and passwords is challenging enough with staff and students. Adding parents and guardians to the mix complicates things.

At Abre, we decided to let the parents pick how they want to login to see where school happens. Most parents have one of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Google (Gmail or GSuite)
  • Microsoft (Outlook)

Using open authentication standards, we let parents login with their own credentials (no creating on our part!). Parents then receive a secure code to match their students to their account.

Parents love it because they can use their own username and password (that they remember!). Technology departments love it because they’re not flooded with user account issues.

One less hoop.