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Abre is Open for Learning

We built Abre so you can spend less time jumping through hoops and more time teaching and learning

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Abre Home Screen

Education Management Software

Abre is an Education Management Software platform.  What do we mean by platform?  In the same way you only have one smartphone to make calls and to send text messages, Abre provides multiple functions that you likely buy from several software vendors.

Abre platform is home to a growing number of connected software applications that range in functionality from apps that provide detailed Student and Teacher data views to an Assessment app to a Conduct app for reporting and resolving student conduct issues.

Abre Responsive Design

Demo Abre

The best way to understand all that Abre provides is to see it and use it. Check out our video demo. Abre focuses on providing a simple, consistent and modern experience for users. This greatly simplifies getting staff, students and parents using features with little to no professional development. Alternatively, click on Learn More button to get a live demo by an Abre team member.


How Do Schools Benefit from Abre?

The Abre platform allows schools to focus on instruction through software apps that simplify day-to-day activities for admin, teachers, students, and parents


Our Community

Abre is open. As in open source. The Community Edition code is available for all to see, use, and modify. We support a growing, active community base. We invite the community – students, teachers, parents – to contribute back to the Abre platform. In this way, the community truly drives the product direction of Abre. Check out an example of our Community of students at work at our last App-a-thon!