My School/District Already Has Abre

I’m a Teacher, Student, or Parent using Abre for the first time.

STEP 1 – Type in Your Abre Website

Everything starts with your school/district customized Abre website. Please open up a web browser and type in your Abre website. If you don’t know your Abre website, please reach out to your school/district technology representative.

STEP 2 – Sign Into Abre

Abre works with Google, Microsoft and Facebook to provide an easy way to sign in to Abre (You don’t need another username/password!). Watch the video for a quick overview on how to sign in.

STEP 3 – Learn More

Abre provides an extensive knowledge base on how to effectively use Abre. Visit our knowledge base to understand how to get the most out of Abre.

Visit Knowledge Base