Does Abre provide Training?


We do but you really don't need it. Abre is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Built on a familiar material design framework and with teachers, students and parents in mind we found adoption to be quick. Abre will provide training videos and a help desk but we are confident that we won't be tying up staff trying to figure out how Abre works!

Does Abre provide Training?2017-10-24T18:11:30-04:00

Will Abre integrate with my student information system (SIS)?


Emphatically yes. As well as other software (Google Apps, LMSs, etc.) as long as that software is designed and has permissions to be shared. Abre is open and engineered to integrate.

Will Abre integrate with my student information system (SIS)?2017-10-24T18:10:09-04:00

Is Abre an LMS (Learning Management System)?


It's more. We think of Abre as a District Managment Software... or a DMS. While Abre has capabilities to integrate with an LMS, it also provides a foundation for building specific applications for districts. These applications follow programming norms AND talk to each other. Data can be shared between Abre Apps and external applications like student information systems and office suites.  

Is Abre an LMS (Learning Management System)?2017-11-01T13:31:49-04:00