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  • Anonymous
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    How can Guided Learning be installed on students’ personal devices? Right now, only school owned devices in our district have the Guided Learning app for student machines.

  • Christopher Rose
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    Great question! It’s possible to package up the Guided Learning app and deploy it to the public Chrome Store. You would need to manipulate the code so that the app could work in non-kiosk mode. After that is complete, students would then be able to download the app directly though the Chrome store and use Guided Learning (In Kiosk or Standalone).

    **A word of caution on this…the reason Guided Learning works is due to the fact it is running in Kiosk mode on a secure device (district managed). If Guided Learning can be used outside of Kiosk mode, it defeats the point to the secure browser. Also, once the student leaves the school with Guided Learning they could also use another device while using the secure browser (defeating the purpose).

  • Zach Vander Veen
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    Chris is right when it comes to running Guided Learning on any device with Chrome Web Browser.

    But what about student owned¬†chromebooks? These are chromebooks not managed by the district (and don’t appear in the Google Management Console).

    Short answer is yes. It takes about 20 seconds a student device. The screencast on how is below.

  • Christopher Rose
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    Just as an update, Abre will be soon releasing a Guided Learning Chrome Extension that will allow the extension to be installed by user account. This will easily allow tracking/Guided Learning on BYOD.

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