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Zach Vander Veen
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Hey Christine!

The Directory App actually has 4 roles:

  • Default (which isn’t actually a named role). This basically only shows the table for staff with name, email, location, and role.
  • Directory Adviser: Can view more details of the individual like phone number, address, etc. But not confidential info like SS or discipline records
  • Directory Supervisor: Can view all the fields. But CANNOT delete folk. When they “delete” they’re basically archiving them
  • Super Admin: Full permission with capabilities to delete actual people

You can assign roles by searching for the individual (assuming you’re the super admin), click on their name, then search for the field (it’s near the bottom). (See rolelist.php file).

At Hamilton, we’ve it set up like this:

  • HR and HR Secretaries have Supervisor Role
  • Various folk have Adviser roles (ie Superintendent, etc)
  • I have super admin
  • Everyone else has the default role

Using a like/wildcard operators is on the roadmap (I want it too), but not developed yet. We don’t really need to encrypt the entire table, just certain key fields.

As for modifying the code. Please do. Then contribute back to the community so we can merge it!

Hope that helps!