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Brandon Wilson
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Hi Ben!

At this point it seems we have narrowed it down to a server configuration issue which makes it hard for us (the Abre team) to troubleshoot. However, I do have a couple ideas that may lead to something.

  • It seems you have done this, but ensure that the DB credentials you have for your root account match the values in your configuration.php file of Abre. These are the credentials used to make all DB connections throughout the system.
  • There are some other extensions that need to be installed alongside CURL. I am not sure if you have previously downloaded these, but if you haven’t it may be worth giving it a shot. Both Mcrypt and php gd library need to be installed on the server. Note: I don’t think either of these two libraries would be causing your SQL issue.

If both of these are unsuccessful, send an email to [email protected] and we can discuss server specific solutions.