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Christopher Rose
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Hello Ben,

I’ve looked through your logs and don’t see any fatal errors (only notices). Abre was obviously able to create your tables during installation. Not sure why it wouldn’t be able to write to the database unless the permissions of the mysql user changed on your server.

A couple of things that may be worth trying:

  • Try renaming the configuration.php file in the public root folder. When you visit your url you should be prompted to re-install (which will create a new configuration file). You could even give it a new database to see if it is able to create the tables and write to the database. If you try this an it doesn’t work you can send the configuration file to suppor[email protected] and we can see how it performs on our servers.
  • Another option is to sign up for a free Cloudways account. This would allow you to have the LAMP environment set up automatically on AWS and run the community edition in the cloud. That way you wouldn’t need to spend time/energy configuring your LAMP environment. We test our installations very thoroughly on Cloudways and AWS LAMP instances. In the past we have had users of the community get a version up and running on Cloudways/AWS long enough to compare their settings to the managed hosting environment. Most of the time they are able to find the mysql/php setting that is causing the issue.

I’m pretty certain if Abre isn’t able to write to the table then it’s a mysql user permission issue. I would recommend installing/using Abre with a root mysql account with full privileges at first just to troubleshoot.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted.