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Zach Vander Veen
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Just realizing that I didn’t fully answer this question!

HR Usage | Current Practice

  1. Board Approves hire
  2. HR inputs all fields.
  3. Information is sent to relevant parties. Abre queries the directory database to create an email account for the individual. That account information is sent to network admin and the account is created in AD. We’ve actually researched how to automate this – but haven’t finished yet.  Mainly b/c I want AD gone soon.
  4. HR information automatically appears on all relevant websites as we’ve written a WordPress plugin. Accounts are created in WordPress that utilize the GAFE credentials.
  5. New teachers come into HR. They receive their credentials, complete an online orientation course, device, and keys.

HR Usage | Goals

We’ve two areas of growth.

  1. Applitrack integration (supposedly Frontline has an API). This would stop the double data entry.
  2. Treasurer integration

We’re actually able to send all relevant information to Treasurer – but they end up doing data entry all over again as the state software is so incredibly old. We’ll see what develops over time.


Right now our CEU tracking system is in WordPress. That will merge into Abre shortly (for a host of reasons). It will be tied to the directory/HR app.

We’re also keen on developing certain reports (for example, we just created a report on staff with expiring licenses) that would be most beneficial to HR.

Oh – and we track staff survey and satisfaction in WP. That will merge into Abre shortly as well.