How to Contribute to Abre

How to Contribute to Abre2018-05-29T18:57:19+00:00

If you don’t already have a working LAMP environment, we recommend using the Bitnami LAMP stack.

You can download the Bitnami LAMP stack for your operation system here:

Fork Abre

  1. Create or Sign into GitHub –
  2. Go to Abre GitHub repository –
  3. Fork Abre by clicking “Fork”
  4. Navigate to your forked version of Abre by going to

Clone Abre

  1. Open up Terminal
  2. Navigate to localhost root folder
  3. Issue Git command to clone previously forked repository
    • git clone .
  4.  Open up localhost root folder in browser

Install Abre

  1. Navigate to localhost root in browser
  2. Complete the installation, making sure you fill in all fields
  3. Once installation is complete, click the “Sign in as Staff” button
  4. Login with your Google account

Saving Your Work

To save your work back to your GitHub repository, login to GitHub and complete the following steps:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Navigate to localhost root folder
  3. Issue the following Git commands
    • git add .
    • git commit
    • git push
  4. Your code should now be saved to your forked repository

You can repeat this process anytime changes are made.

Sharing Your Code Changes

To share your code back to the main Abre repository you can submit a pull request. Complete the following steps:

  1. Login to GitHub
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click “New Pull Request”
  4. Type in a comment and click “Create Pull Request”

You can repeat this process anytime you are ready to share your code.