Automating Professional Development in Education

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Tracking Growth Should Be Simple

Learn the professional development process used by Hamilton City School District. Save time. Save money. And create excellent pathways for professional growth.

Our guest co-host, Tricia Smith, demonstrates the seamless framework for tracking professional growth over time. This includes:

  • Creating Individual Professional Development Plans
  • Tracking professional development and continuing education credits used for licensure renewal
  • Developing and delivering high-quality professional development
  • Workflows for local professional development committees

EdTech Terms


Local Professional Development Committee. Most states require continuing education for their teachers. Many states use an LPDC to review the quality of such continuing education and to award credit towards license renewal.


Continuing Education Unit. Most states define a “unit” of continuing education credit. This unit can vary by state laws. Units are frequently linked to “time”. For example: In Ohio 1 unit = 10 hours of professional development.


Individual Professional Development Plan. The intent of IPDPs is to have educators thinking intentionally about they will grow professionally. It is an action plan.

Additional Resources

Standards for Professional Learning

Webcast Questions & Feedback

Webcast Questions & Feedback



Tricia SmithDirector of Technology
A life long educator at Hamilton City School District, Tricia loves learning, growing colleagues in the profession, and engaging with students. She currently chairs the district’s LPDC committee and is an expert in the license renewal process.
Zach Vander VeenVP of Instruction
Zach Vander Veen is the cofounder and VP of Instruction at Abre Inc. He’s worn many hats in education including History Teacher, Technology Coach, Administrator, and Director of Technology. He loves learning, teaching, traveling, and seeking adventures with his family.