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Educator. Adoptive Father. Husband. Co-Founder of Abre.

We’ve Deployed Chromebooks in 1:1 Environment. Now What?


Chromebooks in a 1:1 Environment. Now What? Bringing all Your Software Under One Roof Abre Supports 1:1 Chromebook Initiatives So your district is considering purchasing Chromebooks, just purchased Chromebooks or you are currently 1:1 and now you have a bit of chaos in your hands. Chromebooks are great instructional tools, but they highlight a key problem. Chromebooks are great for setting the stage for learning, but they're not great at setting the narrative for learning. To do that, you need an education management platform. Is this webcast, Chris and Zach will cover: Leverage all [...]

We’ve Deployed Chromebooks in 1:1 Environment. Now What?2019-07-01T07:48:39-04:00

Automating Professional Development in Education


Automating Professional Development in Education Efficiently Create | Deliver | Track | Renew Tracking Growth Should Be Simple Learn the professional development process used by Hamilton City School District. Save time. Save money. And create excellent pathways for professional growth. Our guest co-host, Tricia Smith, demonstrates the seamless framework for tracking professional growth over time. This includes: Creating Individual Professional Development Plans Tracking professional development and continuing education credits used for licensure renewal Developing and delivering high-quality professional development Workflows for local professional development committees EdTech Terms LPDC Local Professional Development Committee. [...]

Automating Professional Development in Education2019-05-15T14:05:43-04:00

Focus: Helping Students with Classroom Distractions


Brief Session Description Abre's Focus App provides a secure browser experience for delivering guided lessons. Teachers create lessons that feature approved websites. Using the App, students access a focus lesson where navigating away from approved sites is prevented. Attendees will learn how to create, launch, and use Focus. Focus is free, simple to use, open-source, and part of a vibrant ecosystem of apps in the Abre platform. Launched in spring of 2016, Focus continues to grow in popularity with districts that embrace blended learning and 1:1 device programs. An Example During Guided Practice, my students complete a close reading [...]

Focus: Helping Students with Classroom Distractions2019-05-13T14:11:43-04:00

Understanding the Whole Student – Without Jumping Through Hoops


Understanding the Whole Student Without Jumping Through Hoops Everyone is talking about data. Apparently, data is the key to the future of education. Maybe? But what's also true is that access to the growing amount of data isn't that simple. At Abre, we believe data is very important to administrators,  teachers and parents. But we also believe that data should be easily accessible, simple to read and relevant. Webcast Questions & Feedback Presenters Chris spent 9 years teaching 1st grade and working as a technology coach. He enjoys cycling, [...]

Understanding the Whole Student – Without Jumping Through Hoops2019-06-07T09:23:52-04:00

Material Design: The Framework We Love in Education


Abre loves the design framework of Material Design. It helps our users understand our platform and simplifies the development process.

Material Design: The Framework We Love in Education2019-03-12T09:56:49-04:00

The Distraction Free Daughter


She is 14, my daughter, talkative and with a mind that leaps from idea, to memory, to whatifs in the span of a microsecond. This is the age where kids - especially girls - enter and embrace the nebulous social rules of friendships, gossip, and hyperbole. She is bright and resourceful. And like many a teenager, she finds loopholes all the time.

The Distraction Free Daughter2018-12-06T19:34:13-04:00

Creating an “IEP at a Glance” with Abre


While Abre features a Plans App that allows districts to create customizable education plans for students, we sometimes find schools that would rather continue to use their current education plans software. See how Abre can help bring education plans into its platform for teachers, parents, and staff to use. We'll use "IEP at a Glance" as an example.

Creating an “IEP at a Glance” with Abre2018-11-28T18:57:05-04:00

Coming Soon! Update to the Abre Student App


An enhanced Abre Student App is coming soon. The enhancements are based on user feedback to allow for even easier access to the information you need. This enhanced Student App will be available on Friday, November 9th.

Coming Soon! Update to the Abre Student App2018-11-02T08:01:24-04:00

Learning: Abre Everywhere


A fun question to consider is if you are the entry point to school, what can you do? One idea: Share learning experiences teachers have outside of their classroom. Abre Everywhere is a program to support educators who are doing extraordinary things outside of the classroom. Basically we wanted to help capture the wide variety of experiences educators have during their non-day job.

Learning: Abre Everywhere2018-10-04T16:09:16-04:00