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The Cart is Before the Horse


I’ve read a dozen articles about Personalized Learning and about bringing Analytics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning into Education - just this week alone. If you’re in education you’ve probably received an increasing number of solicitations and seen a growing number of conference sessions touting Personalized Learning and Analytics. And you may have sat in discussions about innovation in edtech. And what topic consumes most of these discussions? That’s right - Personalized Learning and Analytics. I’ve spent a long career in the Analytics field specializing in advance analytics, learning algorithms and simulation systems. As I’ve been applying my [...]

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The Crap Sandwich


"How an Innovative Education Management Platform was Built Out of a School District" It’s not an elegant way to title a story but it is the subtext to this one.  The story, like most good ones, is a confluence of some really unlikely events.  But let’s make a long story short:  Two guys, let’s call them Zach and Chris, were the tech team for an 8,000 student district in southwestern Ohio, Hamilton City Schools.  Both come from varied backgrounds and have some non-overlapping tech capabilities but they had a couple important things in common.  They both spent time in the [...]

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