Have confidence in the decisions you make.

Get real-time insights into what's working and what's not with K-12’s #1 modern data solution, Abre.

Data dashboards are just the tip of the iceberg.

Overly complex, unreadable data dashboards created from siloed data sources isn’t going to help you make impactful, confident decisions. A modern approach to K-12 data requires:

  •  Centralization of all your data sources in one place, accessible by all stakeholders
  •  Visualization of your data in meaningful ways to answer the questions your stakeholders have about student success
  •  Synthesization of your data to bring together multiple data points from different areas to paint a complete picture of student success
  •  Data intelligence to determine causation and correlation, as well as make predictions that can help you take proactive measures

Platform and partner, all in one.

Abre handles the heavy lifting—from identifying data sources, to determining what questions you want to answer, to making it all work, we're your partner every step of the way. That's how Abre does Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Confidence in your data every step of the way... to improve student outcomes.


But getting to confident, data-driven actions doesn't have to be.

Abre walks you through a phased approach to getting the data you need—with a guaranteed actionable data dashboard within 30 days.


Determine the different sources you'll be pulling data from, and centralize it all in Abre for one source of truth. Start visualizing simple data points, such as identifying the number of behavior incidents in the last school year, or comparing assessment scores between two buildings.


Start triangulating data to gain insights and take action based on multiple sources and types of information. For instance, create a dashboard that identifies "At-Risk" students based on their grades, attendance, and behavior.


Leverage additional layers of data from multiple sources to ask deeper questions, understand correlation and causation, and start identifying proactive measures you can take to support student success.

Drive student success with real data.

Abre works with schools and districts as a partner. We help you leverage real-time data to respond to your students' needs and support their success across academics, graduation readiness, social & emotional supports, and more.