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An Open Platform for Education

Designed for schools who use the web as a platform

Abre is an open platform for schools who want to have a creative portal for their staff and students. Abre holds a collection of web apps. It also provides a framework for developers to create standalone web applications. Abre is licensed under a GNU General Public License (Version 3). Contributors welcomed.


Relevant Modules

Web apps designed to run in Abre.

We’ve a few modules in development. Modules vary in their complexities. Some modules incorporate other well known open source applications. All are open source.

A work in progress

We started by creating a strong foundation for developing educational web applications. We will continue to develop Abre by creating additional modules that will increase the functionality of the platform.


Interesting in becoming a contributer to Abre? Want to get involved in an open source project that helps schools? Consider joining.

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