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A single online platform allowing you to spend less time jumping through hoops and more time teaching students
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The App Lineup

We provide apps that teachers, students and admins tell us they need. We focus on easy-to-use software that doesn’t require significant time to master.

Screen Perspectives

A Connected Platform

The same way you don’t need two phones to make phone calls and send text messages, you shouldn’t need two software systems to deliver Assessments and manage Curriculum.

Go all-in or start small with a couple apps. Abre provides the flexibility for you to build your own path.

How Do Schools Benefit from Abre?

The Abre platform allows schools to focus on instruction through software apps that simplify day-to-day activities for admin, teachers, students, and parents
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Abre Community

Abre is open. The Community Edition code is available for all to see, use, and modify. We support a growing, active community base. We invite the community – students, teachers, parents – to contribute back to the Abre platform. In this way, the community truly drives the product direction of Abre. Check out an example of our Community of students at work at our last

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