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An all-in-one education management platform built for improving outcomes and unleashing the potential of everyone in the Learning Community.

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What is Abre?

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, student, or parent, Abre has an App for you.

Learning Management Apps

Apps that help you manage curriculum, deliver instruction, and more.

School Management Apps

Apps for managing school forms, student plans, behavior and more.

Data & Analytics Apps

Apps to help you understand the needs of your staff and students.

Simplify your software

Abre makes managing and deploying software in your school simple. Easy setup for single sign-on access to all your software.

An all-in-one platform gives you the power to choose the apps you need. No more bloated software that is hard to deploy and even harder to use.

Too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it.

See what our customers say about Abre.

“Abre is putting solutions in place where we have
experienced age-old challenges and pain points.”

David Knapp

Director of Technology and Innovation, Loveland City School District

“It boggles my mind how we did education
before Abre.”

Dustin Mundey

Technology Coordinator, Hamilton City School District

“Abre provides educators with a means to move from
“in theory” to “in practice”!”

Becky Tompkins

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Ross Local School District

Abre is open to integrations

Abre is an open platform. We know open and connected software is good for schools. We don’t just sign pledges, we embrace open in everything we do. Abre means open!

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